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If you need to complete a prerequisite subject to meet university entrance requirements, we have a solution for you. Unilearn offers a range of online courses to help you achieve in your chosen study pathway. Whether you live in Australia or are an International student, Unilearn can help you to get in the university of your choice.

Your enrolment is valid for 12 months and starts from the date your payment is processed. If you enrol in two units at once, those units will have the same start date regardless of when you physically begin your study. If you intend on completing more than one unit, it is advisable to enrol into one unit first and then enrol into the next unit once you are ready to commence additional study.

1. Students in Australia

Australian permanent residents and citizens can enrol into our Unilearn units through TAFE Queensland over the phone:

1300 308 233 (select 1 for Greater Brisbane)

Payment Plans may be available to Australian permanent residents and citizens, speak to the customer service staff for more details.

Please Note: Unilearn has assumed that by enrolling in an online class you are familiar with computers and are able to use programs such as Word, Excel and Adobe Reader as well as complete simple tasks such as the Save-As function, attaching a file, saving a low-resolution image and inserting images and working with tables within word documents.

*If you are unable to complete these tasks it is your responsibility to find someone local (family or friend) who can help you with these functions. We appreciate your understanding in this matter as we cannot be experts in all of the various computer platforms used by our students.

2. Overseas Students

International Students can enrol in our Unilearn courses by emailing an expression of interest to Please provide your full name and advise that you are currently living overseas.  Alternatively, you can speak to our friendly Customer Service Team by calling +61733074788.