Unilearn courses are continuous enrolment courses which means you can enrol at any time and start your course. You will have 12 months from your enrolment date to finish your course. Your enrolment starts when your payment is processed. Those with more time to study can complete the course in less time.

Unilearn bridging courses are preparatory units that typically require a full 12 months of intense study to finish. Students capable of accelerated learning may be able to complete the course in less time. Bridging courses require a minimum of 18 weeks to complete for qualified students who can devote at least 15 hours per weeks to study. The bridging courses are designed to help students who do not initially meet university entrance requirement because they lack the necessary prerequisite course work.

Bridging courses typically cover content from year 11/12 in high school. The content taught over two years of high school is condensed into a single year in our bridging courses. Although these are types of bridging courses, they take longer to complete as the content is in-depth as most people in the foundation courses have not previously taken these courses.

Because all University programs are different it is always advised to check with your specific University about our courses meeting prerequisites. Remember to check what your University’s deadline is for completion of the bridging course. You will need to sit your final exam 2 or 3 weeks prior to this deadline.

Our Unilearn Bridging courses include:

Please Note: Unilearn has assumed that by enrolling into an online class you are familiar with computers and are able to use programs such as Word, Excel and Adobe Reader as well as complete simple tasks such as the Save-As function, attaching a file, saving a low resolution image and inserting images and working with tables within word documents. If you are unable to complete these tasks it is your responsibility to find someone local (family or friend) who can help you with these functions. We appreciate your understanding in this matter as we cannot be experts an all of the various computer platforms used by our students.