UNL14 Senior English

Unilearn Senior English Program is equivalent to Year 11/12 HSC English. Please check with your university first before enrolling. 

In this course, students learn how language use varies according to context, purpose, audience, content, modes and mediums and how to use it appropriately, effectively and accurately for a variety of purposes. Students will also be required to develop higher-order thinking skills through the analysis, evaluation and creation of varied literary and non-literary texts.

This course covers:

  • UNIT 1 – Exploring Self
  • UNIT 2 – Australia Speaks
  • UNIT 3 – The Texts of Yesteryears
  • UNIT 4 – Media- Fact or Fiction
  • UNIT 5 – Let Them Speak – A Play Study
  • UNIT 6 – Exploring Time and Place

For more information please Download Our Course Outline.

The course materials include:

  • Student welcome email
  • Electronic course guide book
  • You will also receive instructions on how to access your Online Classroom to submit your assignment online.
  • Online Textbook
  • an online textbook with many written activities to help you develop the necessary skills to complete assessment tasks
  • a variety of text genres to read, write and view ( includes biographies, film, media texts, plays and poetry)
  • access to feedback for activities/drafts from an experienced English teacher
  • many links to online material/videos to enhance your skills
  • access to the TAFEQLD library network and librarians
  • online support available after hours through Studiosity

Domestic students: $1106

International students: $1340

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You have 12 months to complete this course; however, it may be completed sooner.

This course requires a recommended minimum of 220 hours or 18 weeks to complete.

Note: Most students take 540 hours to complete the course as the 220 minimum hours is the learning in the textbook only and does not take into account completing homework, reading time, tutorial help, progress tests and/or assignments/activities. 

The following Study Plans can be used as a guide to complete the course in 18 or 26 weeks:-

18 Week Study Plan

26 Week Study Plan

To be eligible to sit the final exam, you must complete and pass all of the progress tests and lab activities with a score of 60% or higher on each. Completing all tests will improve your chances of successfully passing the final exam. More information about submitting work »

To sit for your final exam, you will need to arrange an invigilator Please read through the exam information and processes for how to do this »

Once you have successfully completed the final exam, you will be awarded a Statement of Achievement for submission to QTAC or the like.

**It is highly recommended that you sit the practice exam prior to siting the final exam. Most students who sit the practice exam and receive feedback from their teacher score much higher on the final exam. Please give teachers a minimum of 1 week prior to your exam date for grading and feedback.

Please see the Final Exam page of the website



Tutorial support is provided by our experienced and qualified educator, Helen Wilkie.

Before enrolling in this course, you must check with the university you plan on attending to ensure this course meets their requirements for any required pre-requisites, you must also ask the university if there are any additional requirement such as a specific final grade or exam score. (For example: some universities require you to receive at least 75% on your final exam before it will be accepted.)

Enrolments take approximately two days to be processed, but may take longer during our peak times.

As soon as payment is confirmed you will receive an email inviting you into the online classroom.

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