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If you are planning to apply for university through a Tertiary Admissions Centre (e.g. QTAC or VTAC) or a specific university we encourage you to check with these institutions directly to determine their deadlines.

Please feel free to get in contact with us if you have any concerns or questions.



It’s Here – Proctor U:

Please be advised we are Now Trialling Proctor u for our Online Final Exams in the following units:

Biology, Senior English and Introduction to economics

what is proctor u?

What is ProctorU? How does it work? The general answer: ProctorU is the world’s leading online exam proctoring solution that offers a powerful, convenient, secure and cost-effective alternative to traditional test centers.

How it Works for Test-Takers:

If you are a test-taker, the number one thing to keep in mind about ProctorU is that one of our main goals is to offer you convenience – the convenience to test from a private study room or from the comfort of your own home (in your PJs if you want!). The convenience of having more time to study or sleep in, and spending less time driving to and from a testing center. The convenience of free basic tech support.

All you need in order to take your exam with ProctorU is:

  • A strong Internet connection
  • A working webcam
  • A functioning microphone
  • A private, quiet and well-lit area
  • And, of course, a ProctorU account (create an account here!)


The Unilearn Office
Ph: 07 3826 8392 (Int +61738268392) Email:

Course overview

To be eligible to sit the final exam, you must complete and pass all required course assessments/assignments/lab activities with a score of 60% or higher for each. Completing all of the course material will improve your chances of successfully passing the final exam. It is highly recommended that you also complete the specimen exam prior to sitting your final exam, remember to allow enough time to receive feedback on your specimen exam.

To pass the final exam you must receive a score of 50% or higher for your overall exam score.

If you are not confident that you will pass your exam on the first try then you will need to sit early, at least 8 weeks before your deadline. You will be provided with feedback on areas you will need to improve on before resitting your final exam.

For more information about grading time please look under ‘After you have completed the final exam’ below.

Specimen/PRACTICE examination

Specimen (Practice) Exams can be found in the online classroom and will be made available once you have completed around 70% of your assessments and passed. It is strongly recommended that you complete the Specimen (Practice) Examination prior to sitting the Final Exam. Please ensure that you attempt the Practice Exam at least one week before you wish to sit the Final Exam. This is to allow sufficient time for the teacher to grade and provide you with the feedback you’ll need to do well in the Final Exam.  Completed Practice Exam papers can be uploaded in the online classroom to the relevant Dropbox.

Sitting your final exam

To sit your final exam, you will need to arrange for an invigilator/supervisor that is not related to you and is not a family friend.

It is important to note the following exam durations when considering a suitable invigilator for your Exam:

Biology – 3HRS & 10 Minutes

Senior Mathematics – Two Papers, 2hrs and 10mins each. Allow at least a 30min break in between Papers.

Introductory Mathematics – 3HRS & 10 Minutes

Chemistry – 3HRS & 40 Minutes

Senior English – 2HRS & 15 Minutes

Physics – 3HRS & 10 Minutes

Introduction to Economics – 2HRS & 40 Minutes

Arranging an invigilator for your final exam

Your invigilator needs to:

  • be a person that is not related to you and not a friend
  • must have a computer with internet, a printer and scanner
  • have a place of business with appropriate testing conditions to supervise your exam
  • have a business email address where the exam and instructions are to be sent (i.e. not @yahoo or @hotmail)
  • be a professional person such as a teacher, lecturer, JP, solicitor, librarian, police person or other person of such standing.

If you live in Brisbane, you are welcome to sit the exam at our office at Alexandra Hills.  

You will need to complete a final exam request form to arrange your exam. The form can be downloaded from our forms page.

Once it has been completed by yourself and your proposed supervisor has signed, you will need to email it to us.

Suitable location for exams

You must sit the exam in a place of business (non-residential address) where you will have uninterrupted, quiet conditions to complete the exam. The invigilator should be in visual proximity to you at all times during the exam.

Once you have found a suitable invigilator and location, you will need to submit your exam request form.

You must give us at least 5 business days’ notice to sit an exam.

Exam costs (For students enrolled Prior to 2020)

$75 for students sitting their online exam within Australia

$125 for students sitting a paper-based exam within Australia

$150 for students sitting their online exam outside of Australia

$200 for students sitting their paper-based exam outside of Australia

View final exam deadlines for QTAC / VTAC »

Please note: all exams are closed book, notes are not allowed and you may not have a C.A.S. based calculator.

Contact us for instructions on how to pay for your exam

Senior Maths and Intro Maths Calculator Requirements

For any of the maths courses you may NOT have a calculator that has C.A.S. (computer algebra systems) functionality.

You may have a scientific calculator or a graphing calculator without C.A.S. functionality. Please make sure that you check this before purchasing your calculator.

It is the students responsibility to read their calculators manual and as every calculator is different and you teacher may not be able to help you locate certain functions.

After you have completed the final exam

It is important that students remain patient after sitting their exam. Your exam will be marked within 10 business days after being submitted in the online classroom. Once graded, you will be notified of your results by email. You’ll receive a digital copy of your Statement of Achievement via email within 10 business days of being notified, at the same time your hard copy will then be printed and posted to you.

Please remember that we cannot control the speed of the Australian post and you should always allow extra days if you live in a non-metropolitan area.

If you are an international student you need to sit your exam at least 2 weeks before your deadline. 

What happens when you sit an exam?

Student Sitting Exam in Australia

Exam uploaded to Online Classroom area

Day of exam

Written exam materials from supervisor

Documents to be placed in the post within 24hrs of exam completion

Teacher receives exam online

1 to 2 days

Marked by Teacher

Up to 10 business days

Statement received by student in Australia

Up to 10 business days depending on location in Australia

Student Sitting Exam Outside of Australia

Exam uploaded to Online Classroom area

Day of exam

Written exam materials from supervisor

Documents to be placed in the post within 24hrs of exam completion

Teacher receives exam online

1 to 2 day

Marked by Teacher

Up to 10 business days

Statement received by student outside of Australia

Up to 10 business days, depending on country/customs

Marks awarded

50%-64% Pass
65%-74% Credit
75%-84% Distinction
85%-100% High Distinction

Reporting your scores to VTAC, QTAC, UAC, SATAC or Universities

It is the responsibility of the student to sit their final exams and submit their Statement to their qualifying body; you will need to keep the following in mind:

  • Resit the exam if necessary
  • Enough time for them to receive the Statement of Achievement
  • Get a Justice of the Peace signed copy of the Statement
  • Submit this to their qualifying body

To do this you will need to sit your final exam no later than 2 weeks prior to your deadline.

Other important information

If you have a different deadline to the normal VTAC / QTAC dates, you must inform Unilearn in writing as soon as possible.

If you do not satisfy the assessment requirements on your first attempt, you will receive feedback and may be able to re-sit the final exam. Please follow the attached link to our TAFE Queensland policies and procedures regarding Assessment –

If you do not have an end of the year deadline or midyear deadline you will need to sit your final exam outside of the following peak exam times

Exam Peak Periods

Early November to Christmas Holidays
Mid May to Early June