QTAC Information

The QTAC Selection Rank Pathway

The QTAC Selection Rank pathway is different to the OP pathway and very flexible. However, like the OP pathway it is a numeric value given to students at the exit of Year 12. The QTAC Selection Rank is not calculated by QSA but by Queensland Tertiary Admissions Centre (QTAC). The QTAC Selection Rank is not mailed to students at the end of Year 12 but students are able to find out their QTAC Selection Rank by ringing QTAC late December in the year they complete their Year 12 studies.

The QTAC Selection Rank is calculated for students using semester units from Authority subjects, authority-registered subjects and VET competencies. Yes – the individual competencies that make up VET Certificates can also contribute to the calculation of a QTAC Selection Rank. Thus the reason we say that the QTAC Selection Rank pathway is more flexible. Students can choose any range of study options for the senior phase of learning and work in a positive manner towards future relevant tertiary options.

We encourage students to consider their interests, abilities and future career goals as they review their potential for success in their current program of study for the senior phase of learning.

The OP ineligible pathway, QTAC Selection Rank is suitable to students who wish to focus upon specific subject interests and vocational interests without being constrained solely to the Authority subject offerings.

Subjects Completed

Minimum rank awarded with a GPA 4.0 (Pass)

Maximum rank awarded with a GPA 6.5+ (High Distinction)

OP equivalent scale

Two Subjects*(only some Universities)




Three Subjects*




Four or more subjects*




*The courses used for ranking calculations exclude Get Prepared to Study online.
*This does not include use for increasing an existing rank

Please check with QTAC for clarification on the following:

  • Some universities will allow the above ranking scheme to be combined with results from the STAT test to improve your overall ranking
  • Some universities require that one of the courses must be an English course for the ranking scheme to be accepted.

What is an Authority Subject?

Authority subjects are based on syllabuses that have been approved and issued by the QSA. They are moderated by subject panels, which are staffed by experienced practising teachers.

For Unilearn courses a student must complete two or more of our subjects in order for QTAC to use these courses in the calculation of QTAC Selection Ranking.

Unilearn courses as Prerequisite requirements

Minimum Entry Requirements

Although a broad range of qualifications may be considered for gaining entry to tertiary courses, many courses have Minimum Entry Requirements that must be satisfied in order to be considered for entry into a certain course.

Minimum Entry Requirements can include auditions, subject prerequisites such as English (4,SA) or Maths B (4,SA), portfolios, satisfying English language proficiency, interviews and are summarised in the course entry in the QTAC Guide.

Satisfying the Minimum Entry Requirements does not mean you will definitely receive an offer in a course or that you have a competitive selection rank/OP for entry. If you do not satisfy the minimum entry requirements for a course, your application for that particular course is not considered any further, irrespective of the strength of your OP or QTAC selection rank. Once you have satisfied the minimum entry requirements for a course you then compete for a place on the basis of merit. Merit is expressed as an Overall Position or QTAC selection rank and is allocated based on the qualifications you present to QTAC.

Minimum Entry Requirements can fall into one of the two following categories:

  • Prerequisites
  • Institution Admission rules

Example of ranking and equivalent OP



Prerequisites are in place for courses that require a level of knowledge or the demonstrated ability to acquire a certain level of knowledge. This is done to maximise the chances of success in the course. Prerequisites can either be subject prerequisites or auditions, portfolios, interviews, application forms.

Subject prerequisites

Subject prerequisites are expressed as achievement in specific Year 12 subjects, for example:

English (4, SA) indicates that the Queensland Studies Authority subject English (or equivalent) must have been studied over four semesters (i.e. Years 11 and 12) and an overall Exit Assessment of Sound Achievement or better obtained. Subject prerequisites, if not satisfied in Year 12, may be satisfied in a number of other ways, for example, successful results in the STAT, or completion of qualified bridging courses. Applicants should check with the tertiary institution concerned to establish acceptable ways of meeting any stated prerequisites.

Institution Admission Rules

Admissions rules vary by institution and can require that applicants can demonstrate their English language proficiency and may also require that applicants not be subject to quota management or affected by exclusion rules and minimum age requirements.

English Language Proficiency

Institutions require applicants whose first language is not English, who have not previously undertaken a minimum amount of secondary or tertiary study where the medium of instruction was English, to demonstrate their English language proficiency.

Quota Management

An application for a quota place must be made through QTAC. Quota is the estimated number of places available in a course.


A student is excluded when their tertiary institution terminates their enrolment. Each institution differs with respect to their exclusion policies. Students can be excluded as a result of academic failure over a specified period of time, or because of non-academic reasons. If you are excluded, your eligibility for applying for future tertiary study at the same or other institutions could be affected.

Assumed Knowledge or Recommended Study

Some institutions do not have specific requirements for entry into tertiary study. Instead, they may identify that it is assumed that applicants have knowledge in a particular area equivalent to Queensland Studies Authority subjects. This is usually identified as Assumed Knowledge or Recommended Study. For example, an institution may specify Assumed Knowledge: English (4,SA) or Recommended Study: English and Maths for entry into a particular tertiary course.

Unlike prerequisite subjects, applicants who do not have the Assumed Knowledge or Recommended Study will not be prevented from receiving an offer into the course. However, applicants should be aware that if they do not have the Assumed Knowledge or Recommended Study they may experience difficulty with some aspects of the course and be required to complete some bridging study to acquire this knowledge.

It is the applicant’s responsibility to contact the institution(s) to which they are applying to ensure that they meet any Assumed Knowledge or Recommended Study expectations.

QCAA – QCE points for Unilearn Courses

Unilearn courses will be evaluated and you will be provided a ranking based on your final grade.

For example you complete Academic Literacy Skills with a Credit and Biology with a Distinction for the two Unilearn courses. For the two Unilearn subjects with the grades noted the rank would be 76 on schedule B1010.

The ranking will depend on the grade received and the number of units or courses completed with each program. Unilearn has continuous enrolments so you can continue your online learning at any time and at your own pace. The maximum raking you can receive is an 88 through Unilearn.

If you also have a LUI number and have not received your QCE because you are short of points, you can also use the Unilearn courses to add points to your QCE points to obtain the necessary 20 points to receive your QCE.

Here is a list of the QCE points awarded for each of our courses.

Name of study

Category of learning

Required standard


Expiry date

Academic Literacy Skills UNL11**





Introductory Mathematics UNL31**





Biology UNL21




Chemistry UNL21


Pass  31/12/2020 

Introduction to Economics UNL81

Core  Pass  31/12/2020 

Physics UNL71




Senior English UNL14**

Core  Pass  31/12/2020 

Senior Mathematics UNL32**

Core  Pass  31/12/2020 

*meets the QCE literacy requirement

**meets the QCE numeracy requirement