Submitting Work

Course overview

Online Students will need to refer to the student information section and announcements for submitting their work online once they have enrolled in the online classroom. Students who are in the online classroom submit all work through their online classroom. In some instances student may need to use Dropbox for large files in relation to activities if they are unable to reduce the file size.

Resubmitting Student Work

Currently, to improve your grade if you have a score under 60% on a progress test you will need to retake the progress test. If you have received a 60% or better on a progress test, lab activities or assignment, you are not able to resubmit as you will receive automatic feedback that provides you with answers to those questions you missed.

Any student who has received less than 60% will need to complete the following steps:

  • If you fail any progress tests you have resubmitted you will need to contact your teacher for a paper based version or alternative problems.
  • Once you have shown that you have successfully mastered this section the teacher will change your grade accordingly.

Important information

  • Allow at least 10 working days from the time you submit an assignment or progress test for grading.

Grading Policy

All work is graded within 10 working days of receipt by your tutor/teacher.

*If you wish to send in assignments or progress tests via post or email to the Unilearn campus or to a teacher please keep in mind that this adds time onto the grading.