It’s Here – Proctor U

Please be advised we are Now OFFERING Proctoru for our Online Final Exams in the following COURSES:

Biology, Senior English, Building Literacy Skills, Building Numeracy Knowledge and Skills and Introduction to economics


What is ProctorU:

What is ProctorU? How does it work? The general answer: ProctorU is the world’s leading online exam proctoring solution that offers a powerful, convenient, secure and cost-effective alternative to traditional test centres.

How it works for Test-Takers:

If you are a test-taker, the number one thing to keep in mind about ProctorU is that one of their main goals is to offer you convenience – the convenience to test from a private study room or from the comfort of your own home. The convenience of having more time to study or sleep in, and spending less time driving to and from a testing centre. The convenience of free basic tech support.

All you need in order to take your exam with ProctorU is:

  • A strong Internet connection
  • A working webcam
  • A functioning microphone
  • A private, quiet and well-lit area
  • And, of course, a ProctorU account (create an account here!)

It is important that you contact your teacher prior to making any bookings via ProctorU.