Unilearn Ready Program


For most tertiary courses offered by QTAC, applicants are selected for entry based on their ATAR.  Not all applicants have an ATAR, so to be able to compare applicants with different qualifications, other qualifications may be assigned a QTAC tertiary selection rank.

For many years, Unilearn has been helping students achieve their prerequisite requirements through a range of online subjects.

The Unilearn Ready Program offers a tertiary entrance pathway for many tertiary courses and a QTAC (Queensland Tertiary Admissions Centre) tertiary selection rank will apply for successful completion of the program.


This accelerated program, completed in 30 weeks or up to 52 weeks is delivered entirely online and provides structure (weekly tasks, regular due dates etc.) and constant support from our teachers.    


  • Do you require a tertiary selection rank to gain entry to Queensland universities?
  • Do you need to satisfy several university prerequisites in a limited time?
  • Have you been out of the education system for a while and wish to build your skills and confidence?
  • Are you a domestic (including regional) or international student who wants to study online, in the comfort of your own home and in a program that provides structure and support?
  • Are you a Queensland student who needs to build on already existing credits in order to complete your Queensland Certificate of Education (QCE)? A maximum of 11 QCE credits can be acquired by completing this Program. Please refer to the QCE page for further information. 

If you answered yes to any of the above, the Unilearn Ready Program may be the right pathway for you!  

Tertiary Selection Rank

On successful completion of the program, students will be eligible for a tertiary selection rank from QTAC when they apply using their official Unilearn Ready Program Statement of Achievement.


Minimum (pass) = 76.00

Maximum = 88.00


$4,659 for both domestic and international students. Price includes 3 subjects and final exams.



  URP Intakes:

  Start Date

  End Date (latest possible)

  Core Subject* Start & Finish

  Elective Subjects Start & Finish

  February 2024

  Monday, 12th February 2024

  Wednesday, 12th February 2025

  12th February 2024 – 5th April 2024

  08th April 2024 – 12th February 2025

  May 2024

  Tuesday, 7th May 2024

  Wednesday, 7th May 2025

  7th May 2024 – 28th June 2024

  1st July 2024 – 7th May 2025

  September 2024

  Monday, 2nd September 2024

Tuesday, 2nd September 2025

  2nd September 2024 – 25th October 2024

  28th October 2024 – 2ns September 2025


* The compulsory core subject is Academic Literacy Skills (ALS).


  • Students are required to check with their university of choice to ensure Unilearn courses meet their individual prerequisite needs prior to enrolling.
  • There will be two final exams for the elective subjects near the end of the Program.  Students are responsible for finding their own supervisor to supervise these exams – please refer to the Final Exam page for more information.
  • The only textbooks mandatory to purchase are the Economics eBooks.  All other hardcopy textbooks are optional and can be purchased online via the Qld Textbook Warehouse (qtw.com.au).
  • Students will be required to successfully complete the BKSB (Basic Key Skills Builder) prior to starting study – we will advise how this is done when you register your interest. 
  • Please see below the minimum results you must achieve in the BKSB in order to be eligible to enrol in a course:-
  Course Code & Name:   Level Maths   Level English
  UNL11 – Academic Literacy Skills – CORE Unit   3   3
  UNL31 – Introductory Mathematics   3   3
  UNL32 – Senior Mathematics   5   3
  UNL21 – Chemistry   3 (Working at level 4)   3
  UNL44 – Biology   3   3
  UNL14 – Senior English   3   3
  UNL71 – Physics   5   3
  UNL81 – Introduction to Economics   3   3



Interstate students should check prior to enrolment in the Unilearn Ready Program with their preferred university regarding application requirements including prerequisites.

On completion of the Unilearn Ready Program, it is recommended that interstate students follow their preferred university’s advice regarding applications. 

What is the difference between the ATAR and SELECTION RANK?

  • For many years, the Overall Position (OP) system has been the standard pathway to tertiary entrance for Queensland Year 12 students. The Overall Position (OP) is a measure of a student’s overall position compared to other students. The OP is expressed on a 25-point scale and is assigned to eligible students undertaking approved Queensland Certificate of Education (QCE) study. The OP is calculated and issued by the Queensland Curriculum and Assessment Authority (QCAA).
  • From 2020, the ATAR (Australian Tertiary Admission Rank) will replace the OP as the standard pathway for tertiary entrance. Like the OP, the ATAR indicates a student’s position relative to other students, and is expressed on a finer grained 2000 -point scale from 99.95 to 0.00, in increments of 0.05. The ATAR is used in all Australian states and territories. An ATAR is assigned to eligible students undertaking approved Queensland Certificate of Education (QCE) study. The ATAR will be calculated and issued to eligible students by QTAC.
  • A tertiary selection rank (QTAC rank) is a numerical score used to compare different qualifications on the same scale and is used for all other QTAC applicants. From 2020, QTAC ranks will also be expressed on a 99.95 to 0.00 scale.
  • For additional information about ATAR please visit https://www.qtac.edu.au/atar-my-path/atar


If committing to a full time program isn’t for you, you may prefer studying one subject at a time at your own pace with Unilearn. Whatever your educational goal, Unilearn has a range of courses equivalent to Year 11-12 delivered entirely online. Our individual courses are recognised by most Australian universities as meeting their prerequisite requirements.


The compulsory core subject is Academic Literacy Skills.  You will then choose your two elective subjects from the following:


This course has been developed to prepare you for writing assignments at a tertiary level. Some Universities accept this course as equivalent to year 11/12 English. Please check with your university first before enrolling.

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This unit is designed for students to gain the necessary knowledge to enter into UNL31 Introductory Mathematics or develop their numeracy skills to an ACSF level 3 for further pathways of study, employment or service (community, defence).

This online unit is self-paced and self-directed; it includes individual tutorial support with an experienced, registered high school mathematics teacher. Tutorial support is via email, phone and an online classroom with the unit has flexible enrolment dates to meet student needs; students can enrol anytime during the year and complete the unit any time within the 12-month enrolment window. This unit requires approximately 55 hours of individual study.

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This course has been developed to prepare you for the knowledge and skills which underpin effective literacy skills or as a pathway for UNL11 (Academic Literacy Skills) or to develop their literacy Skills to an ACSF level 3.

The purpose of this unit is to enable the development of knowledge, skills and attributes relevant to reading, writing and oral communication and their practical application in the context of the different spheres of life -personal, education, community and the workplace.

This unit requires a minimum of 55 hours minimum to complete. It can be completed in up to 12 months. It can be completed in a shorter time, a 10 week and 20 week study plan is included in the unit outline.

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This course provides a bridging of biology with an emphasis on the workings of the human body, from cells to organ systems. This course is equivalent to year 11/12 HSC Biology.

The main aim of this course is to assist you in obtaining the skills and knowledge to confidently approach tertiary studies in any of the biology disciplines or allied health programs. This course also fulfills the primary education requirement for Science.

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This course provides a bridging of chemical reactions, inorganic and organic compounds; and readies you for university level chemistry and fields that rely on chemistry knowledge, this course is equivalent to year 11/12 HSC Chemistry. (Introductory Mathematics knowledge recommended).

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In this course, students will learn why economics focuses on decisions about how production occurs, how resources are allocated and how proceeds of production are distributed. These economic decisions not only affect the wellbeing of particular nations and their people but increasingly influence living standards regionally and globally. Unilearn Introduction to Economics is equivalent to Year 11/12 HSC Economics.

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This course is the equivalent to year 11/12 maths in most state schools plus additional topics. Introductory mathematics provides you with a bridging for you to be successful at senior mathematics, biology, business and finance courses, and other science related courses.

Introductory mathematics is suggested prior to taking Chemistry and Senior Mathematics. This course also fulfills the primary education requirement for Mathematics.

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This course provides you with the prerequisite Mathematics (Mathematical Methods) knowledge to be able to enrol in an undergraduate degree at university. Please note that some universities instead use the term ‘assumed knowledge’. This means it is possible to enrol without the prerequisite, but will assume you already have the required Mathematical Methods knowledge when the course begins. UniLearn Senior Mathematics supports students’ pathways into engineering, accountancy, science, health, and education degrees. The Queensland Curriculum and Assessment Authority (QCAA) has recognised this course (scroll down to General Studies – UniLearn) as eligible to contribute 4 credits to a Queensland Certificate of Education (QCE) on successful completion.

An understanding of the concepts of Senior Mathematics is required for Physics.

See if you have the prerequisite knowledge to take this course by completing these questions and self-checking them with our detailed solutions.

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In this course, students learn how language use varies according to context, purpose, audience, content, modes and mediums and how to use it appropriately, effectively and accurately for a variety of purposes. Students will also be required to develop higher-order thinking skills through the analysis, evaluation and creation of varied literary and non-literary texts. Unilearn Senior English Program is equivalent to Year 11/12 HSC English. Please check with your chosen university prior to enrolling.

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This course provides a bridging for the study of matter and its motion through space and time. Solid advanced math is needed for this subject and it is recommended that you complete the senior mathematics course prior to studying physics. Physics is needed for those who wish to move into engineering, high military applications, and fields in space study. This course is equivalent to year 11/12 HSC Physics. (Prerequisite course – Senior Mathematics).

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