Get Prepared to Study Online

For students who are considering studying in the online environment and have not studied recently. Get Prepared to Study Online provides you with a bridging for how you will need to operate within an online environment to be successful as … Continued


This course provides a bridging for the study of matter and its motion through space and time. Solid advanced math is needed for this subject and it is recommended that you complete the senior mathematics course prior to studying physics. … Continued

Senior English

In this course, students learn how language use varies according to context, purpose, audience, content, modes and mediums and how to use it appropriately, effectively and accurately for a variety of purposes. Students will also be required to develop higher-order … Continued

Senior Mathematics

This course provides an important bridging for university level maths, engineering courses, and most science courses. This course is equivalent to year 11/12 HSC/OP Maths B and provides a bridging for trigonometry and calculus. (Introductory Mathematics knowledge recommended). Senior mathematics … Continued

Introductory Mathematics

This course is the equivalent to year 11/12 maths in most state schools or Mathematics A plus additional topics. Introductory mathematics provides you with a bridging for you to be successful at senior mathematics, biology, business and finance courses, and … Continued

Introduction to Economics

In this course, students will learn why economics focuses on decisions about how production occurs, how resources are allocated and how proceeds of production are distributed. These economic decisions not only affect the wellbeing of particular nations and their people … Continued


This course provides a bridging of chemical reactions, inorganic and organic compounds; and readies you for university level chemistry and fields that rely on chemistry knowledge, this course is equivalent to year 11/12 HSC/OP Chemistry. (Introductory Mathematics knowledge recommended).


This course provides a bridging of biology with an emphasis on the workings of the human body, from cells to organ systems. This course is equivalent to year 11/12 HSC/OP Biology. The main aim of this course is to assist … Continued

Academic Literacy Skills

This course has been developed to prepare you for writing assignments at a tertiary level. Some Universities accept this course as equivalent to year 11/12 English. Please check with your university first before enrolling.